a two act musical comedy

Text and lyrics by Lynn Elliott. Music by Marcel Daguerre, Josh Hegg and Michael Bone.

Mrs. Worthmore, a wealthy, widowed New York socialite has entered the world of rodeo, determined to “rescue” her daughter, Harper, who has fallen for a young cowboy.

She is accompanied in this effort by the Reverend JJ Busy, her “protector” (also a braggart prone to malapropisms), and Busy’s nephew, Harrison,

Harper’s unwilling intended. All soon get caught up in this unfamiliar world, falling victims to a mischievous rodeo clown who delights in mistaken identities.

Two forms of music:

  1. storyline (between characters, advancing plot, developing character, etc.); and,
  2. music in which the rodeo events themselves become metaphors for life ("everything in life is rodeo").

workshopped at Theatre on the Ridge, Paradise

BULLWHIP BETTY: Folks ‘round here call me Bullwhip Betty.  Flick a cigarette out of man’s mouth at ten paces, and a cell phone from his pocket at twenty, or the belt off his britches if I’m real close.  Don’t let my way of speakin’ trouble you, sir.  Underneath you’ll find an ace-high lady.  A soft, loving woman.  Very soft, loving woman, if you catch my drift.