My Town

a one act drama

MY TOWN is based on a true event, an actual racial murder, that occurred in my town, Chico, California.

A senseless racial murder compels a local reporter to go beyond the usual journalistic "story“ and delve deep into the horror of such a brutal act of hatred - an undertaking that brings him into conflict with his own personal values and those of the townspeople.

Workshopped at California State University, Chico. 
Winner of the George R. Kernodle Playwriting Competition.
Winner of the San Francisco Playwrights’ Unlimited Award.


MY TOWN is also available as a recently-developed short screenplay (31 pages)

THE THREE:  "Man hopin’ to figure out that big why. But he just scratchin’ away at the surface. He wanna know more why we got ourselves hate, he gotta rip away at the blood, bone, tissue, diggin’ deeper and deeper, layer after layer ‘til all he got is the bits done scattered on the ground. Then he gotta try put them pieces together ‘fore he dies."

“Hatin’ is there, deep down.  You ain’t someone ‘lest you hate something or somebody.”