Borderline Justice

action-drama movie screenplay

Two families, one south of the border, one north.  Two widowed fathers; two daughters; two rash sons-in-law—all are woven together in a story of borderline justice.  Add to this a fiery Chicana social worker confronting a conservative judge awaiting appointment to the California Supreme Court.  This is a powerful story of culture, family, greed and justice—all clashing on the borderline between Mexico and California.

Judge Martin Wilkins, a legal conservative, widowed, prepares for his appointed to the California Supreme Court when an attractive Chicana social, Rita Fuentes, strides into his life determined to open the Judge’s eyes to the harsh realities faced by illegals coming over the border from Mexico.

Life was supposed to be easy for the widowed Judge Wilkes and his assured appointment to the supreme court guaranteed. That is, until the fiery Latina, Rita Fuentes strides into his life. For David,the Judge’s new son-in-law, his personal success in politics is severely jeopardized when he’s drawn into the seductive inner-circle of Stuart Bedfordson, a rich businessman and major political campaign contributor. But Rita knows Bedfordson in ways the Judge and David do not.  Everything is not as it appears to be.

Borderline Justice also puts into focus the plight of illegals coming over the border. Demetrio and his new son-in-law Antonio, are lured to work in El Norte, where temptation awaits them and the appeal of easy money is too much to resist. But when debts have to be paid, the fate of Demetrio and Antonio now lies in the hands of a vengeful Contractista.

Borderline Justice is a story about two father-in-laws and two ambitious sons whose lives intersect and become entwined with one another at the border of love, greed, treachery and justice.

Finalist in the 2017 Finish Line Script Competition
Official Section Depth Of Field International Film Festival Competition, 2020

Semi-finalist, Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Award, 2020

He’s a mule who made one stupid mistake.  A fly caught in the spider’s web.  Both images work.  Mules and flies.  Easy to catch.  Not the cartels, the businessmen, the ones at the top.  They know how to avoid your courtroom, Martin.

Lynn Elliott

2020 Lynn Elliott. All rights reserved.