And We Were Left Darkling

This is avaible as a two-act stage drama or as a screenplay.  The stage play was produced at California State University as part of the Holocaust memorial.  It also won the Mill Mountain of Virginia annual playwrighting contest.

Following information about the stage plays successes is information on the screenplay

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Handsome heir of a wealthy banking family, Raoul Wallenberg travelled to WW2 Budapest to challenge Adolf Eichmann's deportation of Jews.

Good, evil, moral decency and moral baseness struggle against the backdrop of everyday, personal dramas of Hungarian Jews questioning their God’s presence or absence and asking how to act morally in such an immoral world.


Virginia New Plays Award - Performed at Mill Mountain Theatre of Roanoke, Virginia.
Performed at California State University, Chico as part of its Holocaust Remembrance.



--QUARTER-FINALIST in Page Turner Screenplays, 2020.

--AWARD WINNER, Prix Royal, Paris, 2020

--AWARD WINNER, Mont. Blanc International Movie Fest, Paris, 2020

--FINALIST, Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, 2020

--FINALIST, Lonely Wolf (London) International Film Festival, 2020

--FINALIST, New Wave (Munich), International Film Festival, 2021

--AWARD WINNER, Roma Short Film Festival, Rome, 2021

--FINALIST, Swedish International Film Festival, 2021.

--Official Selection, HALO International Film Festival, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Red Movie Awards, Reims, France, 2021.

--OFFICIAL NOMINEE  Syd Field Academy Awards, 12/15/21.

--SEMI-FINALIST.  Vienna Indie Short Film Festival, 1/9/22.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Arrow FilmFest (Paris), 3/13/22

--AWARD WINNER, Eastern European Film Festival, 5/2/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Butterfly International Film Festival (Marseilles), 12/10/22

--HONORABLE MENTION, Budapest Film Festival, 2/17/23

--AWARD WINNER.  Bright International Film Festival , 3/19/23


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Spare me your moralizing. At the end, I stood alone, defiant. And what did your God offer you? An historical footnote? No, not even that. (BEAT.) Your God believes in human sacrifice, as done mine. But your God spawns millions and then encourages you to love one another. So incompetent, so wasteful, so inefficient. And what is the promised end? Adoring minions sacrificing their lives in order to spend a tiresome eternity of monotonous harps and droning angels all praising Him. We needed a new God. One of strength, power and efficiency curbing the world’s teeming hordes through war, destruction and obliteration. My God, my Reich, also demands sacrifices . . . of the weak and ineffective.